About Lake Street Digital

Your Dedicated Marketing Agency

Lake Street Digital is a digital marketing agency whose sole purpose is to help its clients reach their fullest potential. While we serve clients across the world, we are proud to call Massillon, Ohio our home and base of operations. Every company is motivated by their values and we are no exception. Here are ours:

Limited Growth – We maintain a client base commensurate to the size of the company. Other agencies have an acceptable churn rate and spread their time amongst as many clients as possible. We only maintain as many clients as we can devote the full attention and care they deserve. Limited growth keeps us honest and our clients happy.

Clear Communication – We are open, honest, and direct when communicating with clients. We aim to clearly understand and speak to your goals and message. We are not a partner who disappears when the weekend starts or tries to hide the results of the work they do. We are firm believers in “No Bullsh*t.”

No Contracts – Working with an agency can sometimes feel like an unhappy marriage – not with us. Payments are made up front and the work done with us can be terminated at any time. Clients will never be ‘stuck’ with Lake Street Digital.


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